STORIES OF ROCK is a top event cover band based in London, bringing you an entertaining festival of rock in one evening with two different tributes to rock. Our 'CLASSIC ROCK NIGHT' features all decades of rock nostalgia and our more niched '70s & 80s ROCK NIGHT' focuses on the 'golden age' of classic rock.

Some songs are accompanied by a nugget of trivia regarding the song or band covered, giving a laid-back ‘Live Rockumentary’ feel.

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To us, rock is a passion, come along and SHARE OUR STORY!!

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From the origins of rock in the Fifties to around 2014, our Classic Rock Night takes you back and forth through seven decades of rock, including:

the FIFTIES and the pioneers of Rock 'n' Roll, R&B and the Blues;

the SIXTIES of the Stones, Beatles and the British Invasion;

the SEVENTIES golden age of Hard Rock, Glam Rock, AOR, Punk & New Wave;

the EIGHTIES that gave us Hair Metal, Post Punk and Indie;

the NINETIES when Grunge, Post Grunge and Britpop were the main genres;

the NOUGHTIES of Pop Punk, Lo-fi, etc.

AND, although an evening mostly of nostalgia, we touch on the current decade too.

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